Feb 9
A large group of supporters came out to watch the Poverty Olympics on Sunday, Feb 7. The event's aim is to ensure that increased poverty is not British Columbia's Olympic legacy.
Feb 8
Hondurans across the country took to the streets as Porfirio (Pepe) Lobo was sworn in. (Photo: NewsHour)
Feb 5
Jack Layton gives a speech at the anti-prorogation rally in Ottawa. (Photo: John Hansen)
Feb 3
Iran's Green Movement supporters took to the streets on Ashura.
Feb 2
An artist beautifies the exterior of Vancouver's W2 Media House. (Photo: staticphotography.com)
Feb 1
Progressive hip hop ensemble, Nomadic Massive, will host a benefit concert for Haiti at Montreal's La Sala Rossa. (Photo: sfllaw)
Jan 29
Journalism students from the University of Western Ontario piece together the history of Maker Culture.
Jan 28
Michaele Gedeon, President of the Haitian National Red Cross, and Bekele Geleta, Secretary General of the IFRC, visit the Red Cross field hospital in Haiti.(Photo: Eric Quintero / IFRC)
Jan 27
In Haiti, "looters" come out of a building, loaded with finds. (Photo: UNICEF Canada)
Jan 25
Concerned Canadians gathered across the country this weekend to demand Parliament get back to work. (Photo: Kristen Hanson)
Jan 21
The above individual is wanted in connection with serious violations of Canadian democracy.
Jan 20
Rex Murphy got you seeing red? (Photo: CBC)
Jan 19
Architectural landmarks have disappeared in downtown Port-au-Prince following the earthquake. (Photo: UN Photo/Logan Abassi)
Jan 18
"We have de-funded organizations, most recently like KAIROS."Jason Kenney explained at the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism.
Jan 15
A new series delves into a world of makers of change and community -- people taking things into their own hands.
Jan 13
In the wake of Haiti earthquake footage reveals devastation.
Jan 12
On Jan. 23 at demonstrations in over 30 communities across the country, Canadians will send a message in defence of Parliament.
Jan 11
Just one phone call...and poof it all goes away. (Image: JohnMacLennan.ca)
Jan 8
On Jan. 23 send Harper a message and join national rallies against proroguing parliament. (Photo: Citizens of Canada)
Jan 7
B.C. residents want to keep the oil tanker moratorium protecting their coastline, but the Harper government has made it disappear. (Photo: lx2yvr)
Jan 5
This week Citizens for Democracy launched a video calling for Canadians to fight back against the Harper Conservatives.
Jan 4
Protesters following the Olympic Torch Relay through downtown Toronto. (Photo: Sweet One)
Dec 30
Going pro-rogue. Harper prorogues Canadian Parliament...again.
Dec 18
It is gift giving season and we've made you something... happy holidays from rabble.ca.
Dec 17
Civil society organizations and delegates from countries from COP 15 "reclaim power" inside the Bella Center. (Photo: vanwaardenphoto.com)
Dec 16
Naomi Klein presents the Angry Mermaid award, set up to recognize the perverse role of corporate lobbyists. (Photo: Friends of the Earth - foei.org)
Dec 15
Toronto anti-poverty activists protest the public transit fare hikes due to take effect in January. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Dec 14
Thousands marched through Copenhagen on Saturday to demand action on climate change. (Photo: Ben Powless)
Dec 11
Hundreds of youth create a loud and energetic "climate storm" inside the Copenhagen climate talks at the UN. (Photo: vanWaardenphoto.com)
Dec 10
Activists from People for Climate Justice sitting-in at Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's office. (Photo: Canada Climate Justice)