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Talking Radical Radio March 20
Image: Council of Canadians
Dorene Bernard and Rebecca Moore talk about grassroots Mi'kmaq resistance to the Alton Natural Gas Storage project.
Asia Pacific Currents March 16
International Women's Day Rally
Two speeches by Kim Bullimore and Dita Nur from International Women's Day in Australia.
rabble radio March 15
Image: Wikipedia - sniffer dogs in Sweden
Michelle Guo takes a look at the laws surrounding the use of sniffer dogs in Canada.
face2face March 13
Midnight Return
Sally Sussman talks to Face2Face host David Peck talk about her new film "Midnight Return," irony, racism, the power of story through film and why truth is indeed stranger than fiction.
Talking Radical Radio March 13
Image: Ploughshares Calgary Society
Trudy Govier talks about her three and a half decades of working for peace and justice and about the work of the Ploughshares Calgary Society.
Asia Pacific Currents March 9
Burnt house from anti Muslim riots in Sri Lanka
The targeting of minorities around Asia is unfortunately too common and often has deep political and economic roots. The current anti muslim riots are an example of this.
Needs No Introduction March 8
Saskatoon Night Skyline
From the Press Progress Summit 2017, an exploration of how to build Canada’s progressive future at the most local of political levels – our cities and towns.
Asia Pacific Currents March 7
Syrian civil war map
A conversation with Monther Alhamdoosh, a Syrian activist with the Australian Syrian Association Victoria, about the latest developments in the conflict and the desperate situation for civilians.
face2face March 7
Susan Kucera, director of 'Living in the Future's Past' with host/narrator Jeff Bridges
Director Susan Kucera shares some new insights with David Peck about the environmental crisis and reasons not to give up hope.
Talking Radical Radio March 6
Fighting the school-to-prison pipeline in Toronto
Melanie Carrington and Alison Fisher talk about the work of the Toronto group Education Not Incarceration.
radio book lounge March 1
Syrian Refugees Montage
A new novel by Ausma Zehanat Khan explores the Syrian refugee crisis through the story of the disappearance of a missing Canadian NGO worker.
face2face February 28
Michelle Shephard - co-director of 'The Way Out'
Michelle Shephard talks to David Peck about her new film "The Way Out," Islamophobia, the love of a mother for her daughter, trauma, fear, and religious ideology.
Asia Pacific Currents February 28
 International Women's Day demonstration Philippines
An interview with Jiselle Hanna, one of the main organizers of the IWD rally in Melbourne, and one of the people who brings you Asia Pacific Currents each week.
Talking Radical Radio February 27
Defending marine ecosystems and fisheries from fossil fuel development
Gretchen Fitzgerald and John Davis talk about the work of the Offshore Alliance, an uncommon coalition between environmental and fisheries organizations.
rabble radio February 22
Homelessness Marathon 2018
Radio stations across the country are creating a collaborative day of programming about homelessness. Find out how they're doing it, and how you can listen.
face2face February 20
Viveka Melki - War Flowers
Viveka Melki talks about her art exhibition 'War Flowers', our human tendency toward war, and the importance of telling the story.
Talking Radical Radio February 20
Environmental justice and the law in Canada
Nathalie Chalifour and Angela Lee talk about what environmental justice is, and why environmentalism can't be separated from issues of race, class and other issues of social justice.
Asia Pacific Currents February 19
Invasion Day protest march in Australia
Aboriginal people in Australia are, like many other indigenous people, are still resisting the takeover of their land and culture. Invasion Day is one of the most important dates in Australia.
Needs No Introduction February 15
Image:  Wikipedia - Syncrude Mildred Lake Facility
Gordon Laxer talks about NAFTA, the tar sands, and why a clause called The Proportionality Rule has always been bad for Canada. From a talk recorded in Vancouver on Tues. February 13, 2018.
Asia Pacific Currents February 14
Image: Port of Manila
Port operations are some of the most globalized in the world. A look at how one company is expanding by suppressing worker unity and organization.
Talking Radical Radio February 13
An Indigenous approach for responding to gender based violence
Joyce Fossella and Val Joseph talk about the work of the Warriors Against Violence Society.
rabble radio February 8
Andrew Cash, co-founder of the Urban Worker Project
Andrew Cash, musician and co-founder of the Urban Worker Project takes a break between soundchecks to share thoughts about what's needed to make precarious work less precarious.
Talking Radical Radio February 6
Image: Modified from an image used with the permission of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.
Ashling Ligate and Frédérique Chabot talk about challenging the barriers some people face at the intersections of sexual health and mental health.
Asia Pacific Currents February 5
An in-depth look at the recent mass protests in Iran and their significance, and labour updates from across the Asia-Pacific region.
Talking Radical Radio January 30
Image: Erroll Young - modified with permission
Pam Frache talks about the Fight for $15 and Fairness in Ontario, its victories, and its current fight against a big business backlash.
rabble radio January 25
Photo: Council of Canadians
For those who weren't able to make it to a Women's March last weekend, and for those who did and would like to go to another one. Meg Borthwick takes us to the Women's March in London Ontario.
Talking Radical Radio January 23
Image: Solidarity Halifax
Anti-capitalist organizations don't always understand environmentalism, and many environmental groups tend to work within a capitalist framework. Solidarity Halifax tries to bridge both approaches.
face2face January 21
Image Copyright: TVO and The Cutting Factory. Used with permission.
Michèle Hozer and Carlyn Moulton talk about Sponsorland, a film about Syria, new Canadians, the power of community and the challenges of fitting in.
rabble radio January 18
Women's March Toronto 2017
It's been a year since the women marched to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump. A year later, the marches are happening again. Find out what's happening in Canada this weekend.
face2face January 16
Image Copyright: Ann Shin. Fathom Film Group. Used with permission.
Ann Shin's film 'My Enemy, My Brother', is an emotional journey of two former enemies who return together to Iran and Iraq many years after the war.