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rabble radio May 23
Tar sands exploratory mission
Keith Stewart, senior energy strategist with Greenpeace Canada, says the only way to meet our climate change targets is to leave oil in the ground.
face2face May 23
Elizabeth Mirzaei talked about her film 'Laila at the Bridge'
Elizabeth Mirzaei talks to David Peck talk about her new film, freedom and oppression, bravery, corruption and persistence, corruption, systemic misogyny and the love of a mother.
Talking Radical Radio May 22
Wendy Goldsmith and Ron Rousseau talk about this year's efforts by the Canada Boat to Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla Coalition to break the Israeli siege of Gaza.
Asia Pacific Currents May 22
What will the Malaysian Elections Mean?
Prime Minister Mahatir was seen as an autocrat when last in power but he is now seen as a reformer. What has happened?
rabble radio May 17
Image: Humberto da Silva
rabble video contributor Humberto DaSilva (a.k.a. Not Rex) has a personal connection to Venezuela, which is one reason he's going there to monitor the May 20 federal election.
face2face May 16
Image: Hannah Davis and Brian McLaren
Brian McLaren talks with David Peck about his new book "The Great Spiritual Migration," differences as assets, patriarchy as a weapon, a system of beliefs vs. a way of life and the way of love.
Talking Radical Radio May 15
MC Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali talks to Scott Neigh about his music, his activism, and how social movements need to do better at supporting the arts.
rabble radio May 14
The Tahrir - Canada's Boat to Gaza 2011
Canadian Boat to Gaza organizer David Heap tells us about this year's flotilla on a livestream event on Tuesday May 15, 7 p.m. on
rabble radio May 10
NAFTA protest
NAFTA talks are back on this week in Washington. David Orchard, a longtime opponent of Canada-U.S. free trade, explains why he won't be disappointed if the talks fail.
face2face May 8
'Cartooning from the Deep End'
Pablo Bryant and Mr. Fish talk with David Peck about their film Cartooning from the Deep End, politics and power, personal responsibility, why life is precious and living in a sell-out culture.
Talking Radical Radio May 8
Open Privacy Research Society
Erinn Atwater and Dan Ballard talk about how the Open Privacy Research Society and how their organization is protecting marginalized people from data theft and other malicious online interceptions.
rabble radio May 3
Operation Solidarity rally 1983
"You can't just put people in white hats and black hats. There's always a dimension to them that, as you get to know them, is good to know." - Rod Mickleburgh
face2face May 2
'The Cleaners' documentary at Hot Docs
Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck talk about their new film "The Cleaners," censorship, the new digital public, content moderators, and what it means to outsource responsibility.
Talking Radical Radio May 1
Organizing the left in Montreal's South Asian communities
Shazma Abdulla and Vijay Kolinjivadi talk about the work of Garam Masala, a collective which helps South Asians navigate the complicated realities of diasporic life in Montreal.
rabble radio April 26
Making private moments public - The 'Homemade Visible' Project
A project to get all those old home movies out of people’s closets and into the archives -- especially footage documenting the lives of Indigenous people and visible minorities.
face2face April 25
Joseph Pace talks about plant-based diets and his film "The Game Changers"
Film co-producer Joseph Pace talks about his new film "The Game Changers," plant-based diets, nutrition and diet, why it’s important not to be self-righteous.
Asia Pacific Currents April 25
Stolenwealth Games protest 2018
The Commonwealth Games comes to Australia. An interview with Ruby Wharton of the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance about the games as a symbol of colonial oppression.
Talking Radical Radio April 24
Nurses standing up for patient care in Manitoba
Sandi Mowat, president of the Manitoba Nurses Union, talks about mobilizing against health-care cuts and in defence of patient care.
rabble radio April 19
The Wetland Project - an acoustic exploration of a Saturna Island wetland
Brady Marks and Mark Timmings talk about The Wetland Project, a series of arts events from a wetland on Saturna Island, B.C.
Needs No Introduction April 18
Incite - Crafting Creative Non Fiction Now
Four powerful women writers -- Chelene Knight, Lauren McKeon, Judy Rebick and Elizabeth Renzetti -- talk about using creative non-fiction to make their voices heard.
face2face April 18
Image: The Sentimentalists
The Sentimentalists and David Peck talk about a wide range of topics including skepticism, assumptions and religious belief, burlesque theatre, and mentalism.
Talking Radical Radio April 17
Seeking justice in Saskatchewan in the wake of the Gerald Stanley verdict
Prescott Demas talks about the Justice for Our Stolen Children Camp.
rabble radio April 12
Judy Rebick at Vancouver book launch of her memoir 'Heroes in My Head''s cofounder talks about her new memoir about her life as an activist while coping as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.
Asia Pacific Currents April 12
Gaza solidarity rally melbourne
An interview with Huwaida Arraf about the current massacre in Gaza. Labour news from around the region including Australia, India, Pakistan, and South Korea.
face2face April 10
Kathy Kortes-Miller on why 'Talking About Death Won't Kill You'
Kathy Kortes-Miller talks to David Peck about her book, access to true choice, death education and living life to the fullest.
Talking Radical Radio April 10
Queering space, both offline and on
Redefining queer spaces - Lucas LaRochelle talks about the Queering the Map project.
rabble radio April 5
Radio for peace, not hate
On the 24th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, David Kattenburg takes a look at how Rwandan radio is promoting healing where it was once used to promote violence.
face2face April 3
stephen campanelli talks about Indian Horse
Stephen Campanelli talks about "Indian Horse" with David Peck, a film about residential schools, honesty, bravery and authenticity, and how stories can heal.
Talking Radical Radio April 3
The Lighthouse Project - what does community resilience look like?
The Lighthouse Project works to create a definition of resilience that challenges neoliberal ways of responding to climate change.
rabble radio March 29
Image: Wikipedia - LRT Kenala Jaya Line
Stephen Dale and Lil Blume explore how gentrification affects transit and vice versa in this documentary about Hamilton and Light Rail Transit.