Apr 4, 2012

Bill C-31: Refugee wrongs or refugee rights?

Immigration Legal Committee
As we mark Refugee Rights Day today, the Conservatives are advancing new legislation that will choke off access to refugee status and disproportionately shut the door to poor people of colour.
Mar 22, 2012
Photo: 2010 Legal Observers/Flickr

Refugee policies should be evidence-based

Susan McGrath
Empirical research that would improve refugee legislation and the practices of our refugee determination system is being overlooked to the detriment of refugees and the Canadian public.
Feb 14, 2012

Economics drive demographics

The population west of Ontario now exceeds the population east of Ontario, according to new 2011 census data. What is important are shifts in economic power that underlie the changes in population.
Feb 9, 2012

Closing the door on refugees from Mexico

Journalist Karla Garcia Ramirez fled Mexico after getting death threats after blowing the whistle on government corruption. Despite this, she was turned down for refugee status.
Jan 30, 2012
The people want the regime to fall

Harper's grand plan: What it is and how to fight it

Syed Hussan
Harper's speech in Davos covers two areas: job creation and economic stability, and managing immigration. Read on for an analysis of the speech, its policy implications and some ideas to stop Harper.
Activist Toolkit

Niqab bans in Canada

Many bills in Canada have banned the niqab before the recent changes to the citizenship oath
Activist Toolkit

Mohamed Harkat

Moe Harkat was issued a security certificate nine years ago and is still fighting for his rights
Dec 5, 2011

Brain drain makes Africa a generous donor

Gerry Caplan
Those extremely generous African philanthropists are at it again. You'd think they'd be overwhelmed by compassion fatigue after all these centuries of enriching the rich Western world.


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