Jul 8, 2014
Photo: Rehab Nazzal

Reflections on Invisible: An interview with Rehab Nazzal

Miriam Katawazi
Rehab Nazzal's exhibit 'Invisible' focused on human rights violations in occupied Palestine. The exhibit faced opposition while on display. In this interview Nazzal reflects on the experience.
Jul 5, 2014

Intensified Israeli attack on Palestine

Asia Pacific Currents
This episode features an interview about the intensified attacks on the West Bank and Gaza by Israeli armed forces, with Melbourne-based Palestinian activist Reem Yunis.
Jul 3, 2014

Paul Manly and 'today's NDP'

J. Baglow
Paul Manly's candidacy in Nanaimo-Ladysmith was vetoed by top NDP brass. The backstory shows just how far the NDP has drifted from its former principles.
Mar 24, 2014

Racism against African asylum-seekers in Israel

Canada accepts 96% of all refugee applicants from Eritrea. Israel officially accepts none, yet more than 60,000 are living there with no help or protection from the state.


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