Jan 20, 2014
Image: flickr/pmwebphotos

Who is on Harper's plane to Israel?

Sid Shniad
Judy Haiven
Stephen Harper has taken a group of 208 (!) supporters to Israel, many at taxpayers' expense. What will the Prime Minister's huge delegation do while they're there?
Jan 20, 2014
Image flickr/pmwebphotos

Harper travelling to Israel to delude himself

Gerry Caplan
Stephen Harper's unconditional support for Israel will not be complicated by his four-day visit in the least. Canada's Prime Minister is going in order to have his biases confirmed, nothing more.
Jan 15, 2014
Photo: wikimedia commons

Should Israel be recognized as a Jewish state?

Juan Cole
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, during his negotiations with the U.S and Palestine, added that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a "Jewish state."
Jan 13, 2014

A Palestinian view of Ariel Sharon's legacy

rabble radio
Ariel Sharon died on Saturday. When Sharon fell into a coma in 2006, Ali Abunimah, cofounder of spoke with the Redeye podcast.
Jan 13, 2014
Photo: flickr/Wall in Palestine

Ariel Sharon's legacy of economic and military cynicism

Yoav Peled
Ariel Sharon's policies were aimed to make Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands more economical so taxes could be cut and liberalization of the economy could proceed to even greater heights.
Jan 7, 2014

Rallying Canadian Jews to imperialism

Yves Engler
While the Harper government’s pro-Israel comments are particularly extreme, they are far from unique in Canadian history.
Jan 2, 2014

Gaza's Ark on track to sail in 2014

In 2014, working with partners in Palestine, Australia, Canada, South Africa, USA and across Europe, Gaza's Ark will sail across the Mediterranean Sea carrying Palestinian export goods to sell.
Sep 13, 2013

Bus ads show the disappearance of Palestinian land

The ads show four maps for four different years from 1946 to 2012, each one showing the territory for Palestinians and for Israelis. Marty Roth is with the coalition that designed the ad campaign.
Sep 8, 2013

Gaza: Worse than 2007

Eva Bartlett
News from the ground in Gaza suggests life is harder in the strip than it was in 2007.
Aug 21, 2013
Photo: Eva Bartlett

It's still miserable to be a Palestinian in Gaza

Eva Bartlett
The misery inflicted on Palestinians, for years, for decades, gets continually worse. The vast majority of Gaza's Palestinians are still unable to travel freely from their tiny, overpopulated, Strip.
Aug 1, 2013

A Tamil path to Palestine

Krisna Saravanamuttu
Through the "war on terror," the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and Sri Lanka's Armed Forces have waged war on civilian populations.
Jul 22, 2013

Analyzing the conflict in Syria

In an interview recorded on June 22, Conn Hallinan traces some of the swirling currents of conflict now centered on Syria.


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