Jan 27, 2010

The hidden history of activism in sport

Dave Zirin is the first sports writer in the 150-year history of The Nation magazine. Zirin writes about the politics of sport and tells the stories of activist athletes and their struggles.

Cloud 9 - a comedy of multiple organisms

Jan 20, 2010 to Feb 22, 2010
Panasonic Theatre
651 Yonge Street
Toronto , ON
43° 40' 4.9188" N, 79° 23' 8.9952" W
Ontario CA
Cloud 9 - a comedy of multiple organisms. Opens January 19, 2010 in Toronto.
Dec 30, 2009

The poetic justice of Dennis Brutus

Dennis Brutus' weapons were his words: soaring, searing, poetic. He was banned, he was censored, he was shot. But his commitment and activism, his advocacy on behalf of the poor, never flagged.
Dec 3, 2009

No barbarians please, we're Canadian

Radha Jhappan
The new citizenship guide is as important as it is fascinating: it lays out the "facts" and interpretations of selected facts that immigrants are supposed to absorb in order to obtain citizenship.


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