Linda McQuaig

Apr 7, 2003

Now Playing: Saving Private Lynch

One could have easily gotten the impression last week that the war in Iraq is being fought to liberate pretty young American girls from Iraqi hospitals. After a week of news of Iraqis strenuously res
Mar 30, 2003

On the Limits of Friendship

Not every country can be expected to be as fearless as Guinea, Angola, Cameroon, Chile, Mexico and Turkey. But, as we ponder how to respond to last week’s stern lecture from U.S. ambassador Paul
Mar 16, 2003

Pliable Bush Puppet Of Hawks

In an apparent attempt to come up with a guise other than “warmonger,” George W. Bush is being hastily repackaged as “deeply religious.” Bush has always been officially described
Feb 17, 2003

The Thing is, It is About Oil

The astonishing thing about American power is not that it will soon crush the feeble nation of Iraq, but that it has managed for months to keep world attention riveted on Iraq’s “weapons of
Feb 9, 2003

Why Invade when U.N. is Disarming Iraq?

Every war has its galvanizing image, aimed at rousing all decent people to take up arms. The galvanizing image of the upcoming invasion of Iraq has been the story that Saddam Hussein “gassed his
Feb 4, 2003

Show Some Backbone

Iraqis shouldn’t take the upcoming war personally. The invasion of their country is actually part of a larger shift in U.S. foreign policy that will likely bring more of these sorts of intervent
Jan 26, 2003

Biting the Hand that Feeds Parties

Liberal party president Stephen LeDrew minced no words, proclaiming the idea “dumb as a bag of hammers.” Wow. The idea must be more than just run-of-the-mill dumb. So it might come as some
Jan 20, 2003

Let’s Opt Out of Absurd War

U.N. inspections of Iraq in recent weeks have so far failed to find any cache of deadly weapons, such a cache being the stated reason for a U.S.-led war on the country. Given the staggering weakness
Jan 6, 2003

Worst Excuse Yet

And it’s a doozy. U.S. President George W. Bush’s suggestion that protecting the U.S. economy from recession would be grounds to justify an invasion of Iraq is remarkable for its sheer depr
Dec 16, 2002

Don't Let Bush Light Iraq Fire

Shooting frogs with BB guns was apparently pretty standard entertainment for young boys in Texas in the 1950s. But for added amusement, George W. Bush and his friends used to tuck firecrackers into t
Dec 9, 2002

Ask Yourself This

How come the workers who allegedly will lose their jobs over the Kyoto accord are the very people who support it? Virtually the entire organized labour movement — including the union which repre
Dec 2, 2002

Let's Move Quickly on Medicare

With private health insurance costs rising in the U.S. system, even fully employed middle-class Americans are joining the ranks of the uninsured. So why are they so skittish about public health care?
Nov 25, 2002

Bob Woodward: All the President's Man

Seeing this icon of journalism and press freedom on CNN&#146;s <I>Larry King Live</I> reduced to a state of almost childlike wonder as he painted a picture of American President George W. Bush as a f
Nov 18, 2002

Let His Embarrassing Record Reflect

As George W. Bush inches closer each day to sending tens of thousands of American soldiers into Iraq (to be followed likely by hundreds of Canadian soldiers), any day would be appropriate for the med
Nov 13, 2002


A world where the mention of oil draws nothing but blank looks from the former oil executives now occupying the two top positions in the U.S. administration. &#147;Oil? Why would we care about that?,
Nov 11, 2002

Anti-Green Still Mean

It&#146;s striking to note that the bulk of the greenhouse gas problem is concentrated in a subgroup of old-style industries &#151; oil and gas, metals, steel, industrial chemicals, pulp and paper. A
Oct 28, 2002

Martin Avoids Corporate Influence Issue

Liberal leadership hopeful Paul Martin wants to make our political system more democratic &#151; by ensuring greater independence and power for individual MPs. Fair enough. But while Martin has corre
Oct 21, 2002

For-Profit Health Care To Die For

The push to privatize health care has never been based on the, ahem, healthiest argument. If it were, the privatizers would have been forced to admit defeat last May when the <i>Canadian Medical Asso
Oct 15, 2002

How Deep is America's Loathing for Iraq?

So deep that the 1.5 million Iraqi deaths caused by the economic sanctions that Washington strong-armed the U.N. to adopt and maintain since 1991, are merely details. And weary of watching their chil


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