Linda McQuaig

Oct 7, 2002

The Smoking Gun

Miffed that Ottawa isn't doing enough to beef up military spending, some trigger happy advocates are trying to make the case more saleable to Canadians by couching it in terms of enhancing Canada&#22
Oct 1, 2002

What Me Worry?

Isn't comparing Baghdad's unquenchable appetite for weapons of mass destruction to Washington's a bit like denouncing Donald Trump for being inconsiderate to his ex-wife, while not saying a word abou
Sep 9, 2002

We're Canadian, Mr. Manley

Call me old-fashioned, but I like the idea that we’re a sovereign country and we — not the Oval Office — decide how we’ll spend our money. If we prefer health care and education t
Aug 29, 2002

Schoolyard Bullying

Unfair grading. By the standards of today's accounting scandals, the Toronto school trustees recent audit marks looks pretty tepid — no billion-dollar fantasy revenues, no multi-million-dollar s
Aug 19, 2002

Deficit Shmeficit

While business and its think tanks will try to convince Canadians otherwise, the fact is that the federal government's surpluses will rise steadily and hugely over the next twenty years making a mock
Aug 14, 2002

Why Canada Must Reject War on Iraq

Stand up to big brother. In debates about whether or not to support the expanded U.S. war on terror, it's been argued that full co-operation with the States would give Canada greater influence with W
Aug 6, 2002

Cheating Binge Props Up Filthy Rich

Cocky miscalculations. It turns out the biggest success stories of the new era -- Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Adelphia -- and their giddiest claims of having unlocked the mysteries of ever-incr
Jul 30, 2002

Tame Media Kept Gloves On

CBC or Radio Free Vatican? Celebration and hype has become the stock-in-trade of the media, but thereâe(TM)s usually a little self-restraint, a faint glimmer of recognition that the media should
Jul 30, 2002

The Meek Didn't Inherit the Earth

Same old, same old. Guessing the organizers weren't going to get around to it, a group of local anti-poverty activists turned the focus of World Youth Day to homelessness and the rising number of poo
Jul 18, 2002

Cronies Will be Capitalistic Cronies

The old-boy, crony network continues to thrive as we witness how far things have moved from the days when governments were expected to protect something called the âeoepublic good.âe
Jun 26, 2002

The Real Sin of the Asper Scandal

Media owner omnipotence is a time-honoured tradition in journalism, and newspapers reserve the right to throw out editorials at their leisure. So what's different about the Aspers and Russell Mills?
Jun 19, 2002

Concern About Africa is Misleading

Africa has left the stadium. African poverty is in the spotlight this month. With the latest showcasing of concern coming from rock stars, to shifty politicians, to the upcoming G8 for Africa, one co
May 6, 2002

A Word from Our Sponsor

Money talks, education walks. Doesn't take a degree, or a hefty student loan to get that concept. And if our schools' only chance of survival is big business, guess what our kids are learning?
Apr 16, 2002

The Peasants of the Common Sense Revolution

The whipping posts are gone. Vagabonds are free to walk about today in Ontario; at least for now, since Ernie Eves beat out leadership contender Jim Flaherty who had pledged to jail the homeless. But
Apr 3, 2002

U.S. Scuttles Tobin Tax

When it comes to enforcing co-operation on international financial instability and fighting world poverty - actually making the world a better place - President George Bushâe(TM)s tall-in-the-sa
Mar 11, 2002

Canada Rules!

The outpouring of emotion over Canada's Olympic hockey conquest seems to me like an expression of defiance, a spontaneous rising up of people who are sick of being told by commentators and "market wa
Feb 25, 2002

Bash the World Bank

With the terms "America-hating" and "bank-basher" as staples of media discourse these days, the suggestion seems to be that anyone who questions how Canadian banks or the United States government exe
Feb 10, 2002

The Suburb of Canada

Did American President George Bush simply forget the name of that large country north of the border - far too subservient to United States power, behaving more like a suburb of the American metropoli
Jan 28, 2002

Dollarization? Not Here, Please

Paul Tellier, chief executive of Canadian National Railway and some other business leaders have concluded that economic integration - even adopting the American dollar - is inevitable. While it may n


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