Linda McQuaig

May 6, 2008

Rich wage class war, not StatsCan

Last week the <i>National Post</i> was quick to denounce a Statistics Canada report revealing rising inequality, even accusing StatsCan of setting off a "class war." StatsCan's offence was to documen
Apr 23, 2008

Crime and mild punishment

Among vicious crimes, this one stood out: Two strong young men savagely beat and kicked a frail, ailing 59-year-old man to death, and then kicked, punched and taunted a woman who intervened to help h
Apr 8, 2008

Media cheerleaders miss story

To listen to the media tell it, Canada scored a victory last week at the NATO summit. We got the extra 1,000 troops that the Harper government said were needed to continue our involvement in the Afgh
Mar 25, 2008

Iraq war botched and illegal

After five years of war, it seems that no real lesson has been learned. Indeed, there's a refusal to even acknowledge why it was wrong to invade Iraq.
Mar 12, 2008

Votes that condone torture

Later this week, our two leading political parties are expected to join forces and commit Canada to another three years of military intervention in support of the Afghan government &#151; which we kn
Feb 27, 2008

Canada's military-industrial complex

In a defining moment for Canada, Jean Chr&#195;&#169;tien resisted U.S. pressure and kept Canada out of Iraq. Now Liberal Leader St&#195;&#169;phane Dion, in another historic moment, has shown that C
Feb 5, 2008

Keep Pearson out of it

The Harper government's flagging campaign to sell Canadians on extending our combat mission in Afghanistan has clearly found new legs since the release last month of the pro-war Manley report.
Jan 9, 2008

Junior partner in global war

For Canadians, watching a televised debate of Republican presidential candidates, like the one last Saturday night, can be a bit like observing an inscrutable species.
Dec 12, 2007

Not exactly the media's finest hour

The media often are accused of fanning the flames of controversy. But in the drama surrounding Brian Mulroney, it seems to be trying at times to bring a raging fire under control.
Nov 21, 2007

One central disturbing image

There's already an energetic campaign by the Conservatives and their supporters to keep us distracted from the central image in the Mulroney-Schreiber affair.
Nov 1, 2007

Social programs outgunned

With Ottawa expecting a budget surplus of more than $14 billion this year, the debate is on in earnest: Should there be tax cuts ... or tax cuts?
Oct 17, 2007

Clever ploy to extend the war

The opposition parties had Stephen Harper pretty much over a barrel when it came to Afghanistan, refusing to give him parliamentary support to continue the unpopular war beyond 2009.
Oct 3, 2007

Inequality among fish and humans

I recently saw a cartoon that captured an essential political truth. It shows a small fish thinking: "There is no justice in the world." Next to him, a somewhat larger fish (with mouth open, ready to
Sep 19, 2007

Democracy well served by reform

Next month offers a rare opportunity. Ontarians get to vote in a referendum on an alternative electoral system&#151;called mixed-member proportional (MMP)&#151;when they vote in the provincial electi
Sep 6, 2007

Invisible Afghan casualties

It's often noted that each death of a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan erodes public support for the war. What is infrequently noted is the way, with each death, the Canadian media seems to ratchet up
Aug 21, 2007

Is water on the table at Montebello?

One thing we can be pretty sure won't be announced when Stephen Harper, George Bush and Mexican president Felipe Calder&#195;&#179;n emerge from their summit in Montebello later today is a plan to di
Aug 9, 2007

Tax phobia benefits the wealthy

It seems almost incomprehensible. Despite the urgent need to find a solution to the global warming crisis, the City of Toronto is contemplating deep cuts to our public transit system&#226;e"one of th
Aug 6, 2007

Canada: energy pussycat

Stephen Harper likes to describe Canada as an "energy superpower." It's a catchy claim, but a ridiculous one. Surely an "energy superpower" would be a country that, at the very least, is assertive in
Jul 16, 2007

Post was wolf in sheep's clothing

Listening to Conrad Black being interviewed by Peter Gzowski on the radio a number of years ago, I was surprised to hear Black suggest that I be &#147;horsewhipped.&#148;
Jul 11, 2007

Continental integration on the march

It's a great irony that, while the United States has probably never been less popular among Canadians than in the era of George W. Bush, plans to integrate Canada more deeply into the U.S. have been


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