Linda McQuaig

Sep 26, 2005

Tax cuts would be better spent on homeless

An amazing thing happened last spring. Fearing it was about to be toppled, the minority Liberal government of Paul Martin gave in to NDP leader Jack Layton's demand that almost $5 billion in corporat
Sep 12, 2005

The right meets its match

While 9/11 prompted the Bush administration to unleash the full resources of America in response, the deadly Katrina crisis had trouble catching Bush's attention. But then 9/11 was quickly spotted as
Sep 5, 2005

Why the U.S. has Chavez in its crosshairs

Media reports often suggest the Bush administration dislikes Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez because it considers him undemocratic. The fact that he's sitting on the biggest oil reserve outside the
Aug 29, 2005

U.S. Congress: no soft spot for Canadians

It's often noted that the United States is so big and powerful it barely notices Canada. This sense of Canada's insignificance, drummed into us constantly by our media commentators, has helped fuel
Aug 15, 2005

The cure lies in better social policy

The state of Oklahoma recently passed a law preventing property owners from banning guns from their own property. Among other things, this means that a day-care centre won't be allowed to keep guns o
Jul 25, 2005

System holds many possibilities for abuse

The horrors of Soviet dictatorship were routinely drummed into me as a child. I recall terrifying stories of KGB agents showing up at people's homes late at night and taking them away for secret tria
Jul 18, 2005

Rove should have been fired long ago

In recent weeks, the American media have been celebrating their commitment to journalistic principles and lauding the heroism of <i>New York Times</i> reporter Judith Miller for going to jail rather
Jul 4, 2005

Bush off the hook in U.S. media

If clear evidence emerged showing George W. Bush had written in his diary that he had lied to the American people to justify his invasion of Iraq, would the U.S. media even consider that a story? I'm
Jun 27, 2005

Please don't shut up

The sight of millionaire rock stars lecturing us about the plight of poor Africans seems to anger some people. That hostility is best captured in a book, written by an American right-winger, titled s
Jun 6, 2005

We've been tricked into working too hard

&#147;Anybody who has lived in Europe knows how delicious European life can be.&#148; So wrote <i>New York Times</i> columnist David Brooks last week. He got that part right. Not only do the European
May 30, 2005

Canada should speak up about torture claims

A 22-year-old prisoner at a U.S. detention centre in Afghanistan died in 2002 after being chained by his wrists to the top of his cell for four days and beaten. During his interrogations, the prisone
May 23, 2005

Budget survives attacks from outraged right

By crossing the floor, Belinda Stronach &#151; hero or political whore, depending on your perspective &#151; allowed the budget to survive. With the extra $4.6 billion in social spending insisted on
May 9, 2005

Martin: Listen to your rock star friend

If Canada has loomed large on the international stage it's because we've occasionally captured the global imagination with a powerful idea for making the world a better place. One inspiring moment of
May 2, 2005

Layton has done the country a big favour

The NDP leader has forced the Liberals to redirect almost $5 billion of our money &#151; which would otherwise end up as a windfall in corporate coffers or sunk into needless debt reduction &#151; in
Apr 18, 2005

Snap election won't fix a corrupt system

A horse's head has yet to be found in anyone's bed, but in some ways the Liberal party has been doing a surprisingly good impersonation of the mob. So the desire for an immediate election is understa
Apr 11, 2005

Media became cheerleading comforters

I've never been to journalism school, but I can imagine what must go on there. Judging from the coverage of the Pope's death, I assume that aspiring media types are taught that one of the key functio


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