Linda McQuaig

Oct 18, 2004

The surplus god replaces the deficit god

For years, the prime minister had a ready excuse whenever a voice would rise up from the citizenry and plaintively cry: “Please, sir, I want some more.” No need was so pressing that it coul
Oct 4, 2004

Outside the White House sheltered workshop

In their first debate, George Bush Bush appeared faltering, confused, petulant and almost inarticulate at times. He seemed like a schoolboy who'd been sent to the front of the class to discuss a book
Sep 27, 2004

Homeless briefly in spotlight

One of the accomplishments of neo-conservatives in recent years has been to push issues like poverty and homelessness right off the political agenda, to reduce homelessness in the eyes of many to a m
Sep 13, 2004

Go directly to jail

A few years ago, a middle-aged Louisiana man committed what he considered a successful robbery: he slipped the teller at the local post office a robbery note and then waited outside for the police to
Sep 6, 2004

Black's phony tax rage

To achieve maximum personal enrichment, Conrad Black is alleged, among other things, to have arranged for millions of dollars in management fees to be paid to his private companies registered in Barb
Aug 30, 2004

Bush, not Kerry, should face scrutiny

It's downright strange that the U.S. presidential election campaign has come to focus on what happened in a faraway boat during the course of a few minutes more than 30 years ago. But it's truly asto
Aug 23, 2004

Wanted: Saviour for medicare

The future of our beloved medicare system is at risk of being permanently damaged by the petty territorial squabbling of federal and provincial politicians. If only there was a leader on the politica
Aug 16, 2004

Is Florida facing a new electoral crisis?

With hundreds of reporters and pundits on hand at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, no aspect of U.S. politics seemed too trivial or irrelevant to be mulled over and speculated about endl
Aug 9, 2004

Getting naked for Star Wars

In the strip-tease game Ottawa is playing with Washington over whether we'll join its National Missile Defence (NMD), we don't have a lot of clothes left to shed. Defence Minister Bill Graham peeled
Jul 26, 2004

The pesky problem of nuclear waste

The revived interest in nuclear energy is partly due to the realization that other energy sources, particularly coal and oil, are contributing to global warming. We appear to be left with the choice
Jul 19, 2004

Bushites are trying to rewrite history

The Bush administration has cast itself in a new role in the Iraq fiasco: innocent victim. With Iraq expected to be key to President George Bush's re-election chances this fall, the rewriting of hist
Jul 12, 2004

9/11 film places real issues in spotlight

Michael Moore has been called a slimeball and an America-hater. But the lowest blow in the effort to discredit Michael Moore may be the attempt to compare his new film to Mel Gibson's turgid, melodra
Jul 5, 2004

Not what you'd call a gracious loser

The most lasting image of election 2004 may be the face of Stephen Harper the day after. Peering from a limousine upon his return to Ottawa, a pouting Harper looked not only glum, but downright miffe
Jun 28, 2004

Hidden agenda? His 'open agenda' is extreme

Linda McQuaig
In one of the stranger twists of Canadian political history, a country that almost universally reveres public health care appears poised to elect as leader a man who ran an organization that once wag
Jun 21, 2004

Harper would benefit 1950s-style families

Not all Stephen Harper's ideas come from George Bush's America. At least one comes from Canada, circa 1918. He may have appeared young and forward-looking in last week's leaders' debate, but he seem
Jun 14, 2004

Should Canada abandon Kyoto? No.

The Kyoto issue dramatically highlights the split between traditional conservatives, who take the preservation of the environment seriously, and the new brand of conservatives who regard the environm
Jun 7, 2004

Harper: trying to re-invent himself

We spend $13 billion a year on our military, which makes us the sixth biggest military spender among the 26 nations of NATO. Isn't that enough for a nation that has no aggressive intentions and is se
May 24, 2004

Does 'tax rage' cause erectile dysfunction?

One thing can be counted on in the federal election campaign: The Liberals will paint Stephen Harper's Conservatives as reckless tax-cutters who threaten to <i>destroy</i> the very fabric of the nati
May 17, 2004

Forget the fat tax, tax fat cats

It used to be good politics to tax fat cats. But politicians are afraid to tax fat cats these days. The closest they dare go is to tax fat foods. At least that's the way things look in Ontario, on th
May 11, 2004

Bushites set tone that led to abuse

There was no shortage of outrage last week over the torture of Iraqi prisoners. Welcome as the outrage is, it does seem a little odd. Cofer Black, the CIA's counterterrorism chief, has described how
Apr 5, 2004

Bush sells sizzle in war on terror

In the wake of the mutilations of American bodies in Falluja, the U.S. vowed last week to pacify the Iraqi city with a force that will be &#147;overwhelming.&#148; Somewhere in a cave (or in a U.S. h


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