Linda McQuaig

Mar 15, 2004

Is Chavez in America's crosshairs?

The president of Venezuela was addressing an International Women's Day gathering in Caracas last week, when he broke into song. The overflow crowd, familiar with their exuberant president's penchant
Mar 8, 2004

Fanning flames of anti-Semitism

It's not often I go to a torture flick, and after seeing Mel Gibson's <i>The Passion Of The Christ</i>, I know why. It's hard to imagine a more unpleasant way to spend two hours than watching the rel
Mar 1, 2004

Bush short on empathy for Haitians

When it comes to countries worthy of help from the developed world, Haiti should be at the front of the line. The closest Bush has come to offering even a message of hope and encouragement to besiege
Feb 16, 2004

Reduced to a pool of jelly

Maybe he really does eat kittens. Certainly, Dalton McGuinty has turned out rather differently than voters might have expected, after they watched him criss-cross Ontario last fall, vowing to end the
Feb 9, 2004

Campbell brings in harsh welfare reform

When police mug shots of Gordon Campbell appeared on newspaper front pages across the country last year, he seemed like just another B.C. premier about to go down in scandal. Strangely, he was spared
Feb 2, 2004

BBC takes bullet meant for Blair

It's perhaps forgotten that the two <i>Washington Post</i> journalists who broke the Watergate scandal got one thing wrong in their reporting. They acknowledged their mistake (about testimony given t
Jan 26, 2004

Crossing swords with Black

Conrad Black is no doubt displeased that Ontario authorities are investigating his financial empire. But at least he doesn't have to worry about waking up to find swarms of burly investigators at the
Jan 19, 2004

Stronach right fit for the right

I confess to not following the career of Belinda Stronach very closely. All I knew was that she was a rich kid who had inherited the business empire of her billionaire father, that she's photogenic,
Jan 12, 2004

Will our cable guys strike gold?

One of the most puzzling questions for the four immensely rich men who control Canada's cable TV industry, is just how rich they will eventually be. There has long been speculation that Ottawa would
Dec 15, 2003

No blood, no booty

All those poor nations that were strong-armed into joining Washington's &#147;coalition of the willing&#148; finally got their reward last week &#151; their companies will be permitted to bid on $18
Dec 8, 2003

Paying down debt a dreary goal

Deep in the bowels of the Finance Department in Ottawa, there are probably some shut-ins who already have the date marked off on their calendars. But most of us aren't that eagerly anticipating the y
Dec 1, 2003

How will Martin handle U.S.?

The euphoria coming out of the recent Liberal convention would have been more understandable if the delegates had just selected Bono to be our next prime minister. The Irish rock star's speech to the
Nov 24, 2003

Lord Black's ignoble fall from grace

I recall being puzzled a few years ago reading an article by Conrad Black, in which he lamented the brain drain of talented Canadians leaving for the United States and Britain. The claim that we were
Nov 10, 2003

We used to feel protected by the law

Here we were, thinking we live in a country based on the rule of law, with our freedoms carefully set out in our much-celebrated Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and then we discover that a Canadian w
Nov 3, 2003

Sugar-coating U.S. motives in Iraq

Invading armies are often coy when it comes to admitting their true motives. Certainly a desire to seize territory and resources are rarely among the motives modern invading armies tend to highlight.
Oct 20, 2003

National debate to take a right turn

Paul Martin, the darling of the Liberal party's right wing, is soon to become leader at his coronation. And, to his right, we'll soon see the emergence of a new Conservative party &#151; now with the
Oct 13, 2003

Dumbing down U.S. politics

Apparently, watching Arnold Schwarzenegger as a robotic killer in <i>The Terminator</i> not only entertained millions of people, but also left them thinking: Now, why can't we have a governor like th
Oct 6, 2003

Right-wing revolution sputters out

Just as the right tried to blame Kim Campbell for the massive rout of the Mulroney Tories in 1993, so the attempt is underway to distance Mike Harris from this calamity and keep the Harris legacy int
Sep 29, 2003

Tax cutters tie McGuinty's hands

Dalton McGuinty seems a shoo-in for premier next week. If so, large numbers of Ontario voters will have been duped. The Liberal leader's appeal rests on the popular belief that he's the best shot at
Sep 22, 2003

Dudley George and the campaign

In a memorable moment during her 1993 federal election campaign, Kim Campbell suggested an election campaign isn't an appropriate time to debate substantive issues. In a similar spirit, Public Safety
Sep 15, 2003

Fire Tory wrecking crew

When former cabinet minister John Snobelen was captured on videotape saying, &#147;we need to invent a crisis&#148; in the education system, that should have tipped us off that something was seriousl
Sep 8, 2003

Eves determined to help privileged

From the beginning, the revolution launched by Mike Harris has been based on a kind of class war &#151; blaming the poor for economic woes in the hopes that middle-class voters would happily align th


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