Downtown Eastside

Sep 17, 2013

Anti-gentrification activists attacked

Esther Hsieh was interviewing three Downtown Eastside activists in a coffee bar when they were attacked by the manager of a nearby hotel. Wendy Pedersen and Beatriz Osario talk about what happened.
Jun 13, 2013

Residents call for creation of Social Justice Zone

People in the Downtown Eastside have been working with the City of Vancouver to develop a local area plan since 2011. They want to protect residents from the gentrification of their neighbourhood.
May 13, 2013
Image: Spartacus Books facebook page

No fun? No point: Vancouver's political boredom

Michael Stewart
Over the last two weeks, Vancouver's downtown has witnessed an unprecedented rash of closures or evictions. In response, the city has adopted a new defensive pose: embarrassment and boredom.
Apr 14, 2013

On hunger strike against gentrification

A key organizer of the picket against the Pidgin restaurant in Vancouver's downtown eastside launched a new action more than 3 weeks ago to back demands for adequate social housing in the area.
Mar 7, 2013

Why there are pickets outside the Pidgin restaurant

A new high-end restaurant opened in Vancouver's poorest neighbourhood at the beginning of February. Since it opened its doors, the sidewalk outside the restaurant has been filled with picketers.


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