Unifor November 12
The truth is, fair regulation for streaming giants isn’t complicated at all: it’s the law.
Harrowsmith November 12
Newly certified b corp collaborates with UN World Food Programme to help children around the globe.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada November 12
A bill introduced on Nov 7 in the Alberta legislature is blatantly unconstitutional because it legalizes discrimination against vulnerable groups on the basis of “conscience.
Canadian Health Coalition November 8
The Canadian Health Coalition calls on all parties to work together to swiftly implement universal, public pharmacare.
Canadians for Tax Fairness November 8
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Election 2019 is over, and our work pushing tax fairness as a priority for Canada’s new parliament is starting again
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario November 7
Ontario Fall Economic Statement does nothing to reverse the deep cuts to public services, including public education, and the harm already done, says the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.
Public Service Alliance of Canada November 6
Civilian employees working on Canadian Forces bases across Canada handed out flyers in front of their workplaces on Halloween to draw attention to their long-standing problem of unfair wages.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers November 6
Hearings continued in Toronto today in which the results could be a defining moment for gig economy workers in Canada.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada October 31
The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has released a list of Members of Parliament with an anti-choice stance.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions October 31
The election results show that there is work to be done to unify our country as a whole, but they also show that the majority of voters believe that we should be investing in people and the planet.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario October 31
There will be almost 1,000 fewer teachers in grades 4-8 elementary classrooms this year and larger class sizes.
Canadian Union of Public Employees October 29
Kenney budget: cuts, taxes and a bigger deficit. Not what Alberta voted for.
Unifor October 29
The failure of Coast Mountain Bus Company to meaningfully address workers’ concerns during this round of negotiations has led Unifor Local 111 and 2200 to serve 72-hour notice of job action.
Inter Pares October 29
Clinic 554, offering one-of-a-kind services in Fredericton, New Brunswick, is being forced to close due to financial uncertainty.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association October 24
The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association has announced it will conduct a province-wide strike vote.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers October 24
We need to put pressure on the newly-elected MPs, especially those who committed to our vision on the campaign trail, to follow-through on their promises.
United Steelworkers October 24
Gerard’s retirement this summer cemented an undeniable legacy as one of his era’s most accomplished and influential labour leaders on the international stage.
Public Service Alliance of Canada October 22
The Conservative Party’s billions in proposed cuts to government staffing and operations were rejected by a large majority of Canadians.
National Union of Public and General Employees October 22
National Union of Public and General Employees
NUPGE has called for a stronger response from Canada against the recent Turkish invasion of Syria.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation October 22
OSSTF feels it has no choice but to begin the process of conducting strike votes among its members across the province in the coming weeks.
Harrowsmith October 17
Mark and Ben Cullen on why you should welcome insects and other so-called “pests” to your garden.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada October 17
Worried about the election and what the results might mean for abortion rights and access? Jump into action by using our toolkit!
Upstream October 15
In his latest Upstream Radio Plan B podcast, host Ralph Benmergui examines the polarizing nature of populist politics.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions October 15
Canada’s nurses are frustrated that the Conservative Party of Canada has failed to commit to implementing a universal pharmacare program.
Hospital Employees' Union October 15
A milestone birthday for a union that has a long and proud tradition of fighting for workers’ rights, human rights and social justice.
Canadians for Tax Fairness October 11
Canadians for Tax Fairness
In our final countdown of the top tax fairness measures this election, we look at the steps Canada can take to ensure online multinationals pay their fair share.
Unifor October 11
Unifor members at Coast Mountain Bus Company have delivered an overwhelming 99 per cent strike mandate, after negotiations for a new collective agreement broke off on October 3, 2019
Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation October 9
CWCF and Green Jobs Oshawa funded a preliminary feasibility study on transitioning to electric vehicle (EV) production under democratic ownership at the GM plant in Oshawa.
Harrowsmith October 9
There’s more to bees, and more we can do to help them, than most of us think.
United Food and Commercial Workers October 9
The day raises awareness of LGBTQI2S identities and the deeply personal nature of coming out if you are part of the LGBTQI2S community.