Mar 6, 2010

Asia Pacific Currents: Turkish union leader imprisoned

Asia Pacific Currents
Labor news. Plus interview, Chidi King from Public Services International, about the imprisonment of Seger Tumer, secretary of the union of public employees in health and social services in Turkey.
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Driver says: The TTC's Problem Is Not Customer Service: It's Customers


This article, "Why the TTC should get liquored up" is just as moot as every other article I've been reading about the problems with the TTC. The problem lies not with the system, but with the public who use it and ABUSE IT! I should know, I ride the TTC everyday, as does my spouse (as a paying customer). However, I have a chance to see things from a slightly different angle as well. You see, I'm a TTC bus operator as well (hides under table to prevent getting hit by thrown rocks).


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